Jerry Norton Scam Revealed

Jerry Norton

Jerry Norton

Find a deal, put it in the system, get $10,000.  That sounds too good to be true so I decided to do some research to find out what the truth is. In this article you’ll see some proof that this is either a scam or it’s not.

That’s the claims made by Jerry Norton’s company called Mentor Financial Group. Jerry is partners with Peter Conti who was an auto mechanic when he first started investing in 1990. I’m not sure how he did it, but according to the web site, within three and a half years, Peter Conti was a millionaire.

Jerry Norton lives in Michigan with his wife, six kids, two cats,  and about sixty-three frogs who live in the pond behind his house. Jerry has been investing since 2004 and has focused almost exclusively on flipping properties. Jerry Norton says that in this market it’s better to flip deals and get paid now rather than owning real estate long term. The system that Jerry developed along with Peter Conti is called the Quick Flip Money Machine. This is a web based system which shows you how to find deals, how to use Peter & Jerry’s money to make all cash offers, how to use their proof of funds letter to attach to all of your offers, and how to include a ten day inspection period so that you can get out of the deal if it doesn’t meet the requirements for some reason.

So, based on this, anyone can begin making all cash offers using Peter Conti and Jerry Norton’s money. Not a bad deal for someone just getting started. I was able to see a copy of their deal guidelines. This is the list of things that they need to be able to approve and buy a deal. This is important because when they buy a deal, that’s when you get paid your $10,000 finders fee. Since I’ve been around real estate for awhile, I’m able to recognize most of the deal requirements that are on Jerry

Norton’s checklist. He’s obviously looking for properties in decent markets that he can buy, fix up and then flip for a profit. Based on this checklist, it looks like someone who hasn’t done any deals before may have to study the checklist and perhaps make a few offers to learn the ropes if they are really serious about making money with Jerry Norton. Based on this, in my opinion,

and Jerry Norton are not a scam because they are funding and doing deals with their clients.